Michio Sugawara, Chairman

The discipline known as Ginkenshibu is a group of performing arts in which we recite famous works by numerous poets from ancient times down to the present day, and dance the majestic Ken-bu or the gorgeous Shi-bu to accompany our recitation. The Nippon Ginkenshibu Foundation was established in 1968 with the aim of popularizing and promoting Gin-ei, Ken-bu and Shi-bu as traditional performing arts created at various points in Japanese history and nurtured by the Japanese since then.
Ever since the Foundation first came into being, our forerunners have undertaken many initiatives and made great efforts to popularize and promote Ginkenshibu. And thanks to this, many young people now understand the attraction of this discipline and are positively devoted to it. It is truly an inspiring sight to see.
As well as feeling great joy at this phenomenon, I would like to send a heartfelt tribute to all the leaders who have guided Ginkenshibu to its present flourishing state.
The Foundation will continue to value courtesy and melody, while planning further developments to ensure that Ginkenshibu – an art form that nourishes the soul – is firmly passed down to the children and young people who will shoulder the future. Our aim is to further popularize and promote these performing arts that nurture compassion and the spirit of filial piety, collaboration and fraternity. 

Michio Sugawara, Chairman
The Nippon Ginkenshibu Foundation